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Get that Mom Bod Back with Elyse Millers #Momlife HIIT Home Workout

Hashtag MomLife... it’s been used over ten million times on Instagram alone. By the time you read this, it’s likely been typed another couple thousand. MomLife is unlike any other life. It’s a life only moms understand. The messes, 24/7 on-call, tantrums (from the littles and from you.. haha). It’s complete selflessness and pure love. Finding a balance between #momlife and #metime is hard. Breaking away from MomLife to #GetFit isn’t always an option. So we have to mix them together. This brings us an even more popular hashtag #FitMom. We are women on a mission to regain ourselves, to be fit, toned, feel good and to be a #HotMom. 

Working out often takes a backseat once you become “mom”. You have less time, you feel guilty and you don’t have the energy. Ok, no more excuses. You don’t need a lot of time and don’t feel guilty cause your little one(s) will have fun working out with you... and the energy... well, I promise, working out will give you a jolt of that magic, too.

My kiddos love working out with me at home. My 3 year old is the toughest trainer I’ve ever met. His favorite exercise is riding on my shoulders as I squat up and down. He laughs and yells “more mama, more”. I always seems to push out a few more just for him (cause that’s what a good mama does, right?). Then there’s my baby girl. Oh how she loves when I do bridge ups and hamstring rolls on the ball. She sits across my hips and thinks she’s riding a pony. 

I focus on high intensity intervals when working out with my babies. Mix in short bouts of cardio with muscle-toning resistance moves. Quickly going from one exercise to the next, gets the workout done faster and burns more fat... and the kids won’t get bored. My cardio moves are far from my pre-mama days where I’d zone out on the elliptical for 40 minutes while watching Live With Kelly and Regis (I loved that show). Now, it’s my kids trying to catch me as I hop like a frog or having them chase me up and down the stairs (15 times) or we get in a little learning as my son counts how many burpees I can do (luckily he can only count to 14). Truly, my workouts these days are more intense, more effective, I’m seeing better results AND they take a fraction of the time!

Here’s one of my favorite HIIT Workouts for that #HotMom body.

First: Find some fun music for you and the kids... or turn on Dinosaur Train (you choose)

Then, let’s warm-up!

- Run up and down the stairs for 5 minutes. Mix it up - skip a step, do hop ups, run sideways... just be careful.

- Baby or toddler squats - place that little one on your shoulders and squat

- DynaPro Resistance Band upright row

1 minute cardio blast (burpees, frog hops, stair runs, high knees, power skips... just move... fast)

DynaPro Resistance band bent-over row

DynaPro Resistance lunge with curl

1 minute cardio blast (burpees, frog hops, stair runs, high knees, power skips... just move... fast)

DynaPro Exercise Ball hamstring bridge rolls

DynaPro Exercise Ball Push-Ups, Reverse V-Up (this is another kid-fav... as they pretend I’m a bridge and force me not to crumble and crush them. Total ab-killer)

1 minute cardio blast (burpees, frog hops, stair runs, high knees, power skips... just move... fast)

*Try to repeat the cycle for 2-3 sets. You’ll be done in 20 minutes or less. There will be sweat and maybe some tears... from laughing! You’ll feel empowered, proud and best of all your little ones will have witnessed a lesson of drive, dedication and health. I’d say that’s a #Success (used 20 million times and counting! Join in!)

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