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Ditch the Baby Weight and Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

FitElyse spills her best secrets to toning up after delivery day! So, it’s been a crazy nine months, and you couldn’t be happier with your brand new baby! Life has forever changed — but so has your belly. Yes, having a child is worth it, but if only you could ditch that baby weight for…
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Perfect Full Body Workout with Resistance Bands

At lunch, your co-workers are talking about this fun barre class they went to over the weekend. When you meet up with your friend for coffee, they talk about this awesome new workout guide they started. And your crazy ‘go to the gym 7 days a week’ friend can’t stop talking about all the gains…
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Best Ways To Use Your Power Bands During a Workout

When you walk into your gym, you navigate through the endless cardio equipment, all of the machines, dumbbells and other free weights, and maybe in the corner you’ll see some stretchy bands by the yoga mats you’re not quite sure how to use. Even then, there are too many different sizes, shapes, and colors to…
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10 Reasons Power Bands Should Be Incorporated Into Your Fitness Routine

Tough and portable, power resistance bands can make an enormous difference in your workout routine. It’s no wonder why resistance bands are so popular: They’re portable, easy to use, affordable, and you don’t really need to learn a new skill set to use them effectively. Now, DynaPro Direct offers power resistance bands which are designed…
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