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This Booty Band Workout Will Give You Serious Gains

Jennifer Labodda says our mini bands take her booty workout routine to the next level. Here's her step-by-step so you can do it too:  JL: It’s finally summer! If you’re a sun baby like me, you want to get outdoors as much as you can to soak up ALL the sun. ☀️ So, why not…
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Sean Berry’s Arm Annihilation Routine Will Get You the Arms You Want

Sean Berry wasn't born with arms like that, he worked for it. Hard.  No man has ever said, “I WANT SMALLER ARMS!” So, here’s some help, guys! Sean Berry, CPT, is about to walk you through an insane arm workout. No matter what experience level you are, we guarantee this will be your go-to during arm day…
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Paige VanZant: More Than Just a Fighter

From Ballet To MMA Paige VanZant may have grown up taking ballet and jazz classes at her parents’ dance studio, but today she is one of the top UFC fighters in her division. Moving away from pointed toes and pirouettes to jabs and take downs, Paige began her fighting training in 2009, when her father,…
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The Katie Austin Package Will Change the Way You Work Out Forever

Your fitness routine should be fun, effective, and easy to do in any location. Now, there’s a box that gives you just that and more! Breathe life back into your fitness routine by incorporating easy-to-use gear by DynaPro Direct and fun workouts created by Katie Austin. Austin is a millennial fitness leader who inspires and…
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