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Gym Equipment - Resistance BandsPeople want to go to Fitness Centers because they have all the best Gym Equipment in one location. Not only are the Live Weights and Fitness Machines important, but so are the smaller pieces of equipment like Exercise Balls, Jump Ropes, and Resistance Bands. These smaller pieces of equipment like Resistance Bands can be used for a comprehensive, full-body workout. They are extremely effective at boosting range of motion and improving flexibility.

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My fit package from DynaPro

Give your customers everything they need to keep healthy and fit with DynaPro Direct range of professional quality fitness equipment.

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DynaPro® Pink Exercise Ball

1x 65cm Pink Exercise Ball

DynaPro® Mini Exercise Bands

1 set of Pink Mini Bands

DynaPro® Resistance Band - Green

1x Green Resistance Band (15-20lbs)

DynaPro® Pink Jump Rope

1x Pink Jump Rope

Best Price -85.99$48.99

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