Blue DynaPro® Direct Resistance Bands

Blue DynaPro® Direct Resistance Bands

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Professional grade Extra Heavy Resistance Bands are able to stand up to the most rigorous workout conditions - These are gym quality Exercise Bands and not cheap Fitness Bands common on Amazon.
Premium Comfort D-Handles for continued comfort during repetitive movements - This translates into easier Exercise Band Workouts for both Men and Women alike.
Patent Pending Design includes an Adjustable Connection for consistent tension during any workout - Meaning you can adjust the length of the Fitness Band for your individual needs.***Black is not adjustable
Approximate Level of Resistance: Yellow 5-10lbs, Green 15-20lbs, Red 20-25lbs, Blue 25-30lbs, Black 35-50lbs. 66" Gym Quality length. Order all our Exercise Bands together and SAVE BIG!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our guarantee is simple, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then return it for a no-questions asked money back guarantee in the first 30 days. Our 1-year limited manufactures warranty covers your product from defects in materials and quality. No other company on Amazon can offer this kind of guarantee!


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